The chaos king was a being of pure chaos that wants to destroy everything and everyone.

Personality Edit

The chaos king has shown to be evil,manipulative,crazy,blood thirsty,and revengful.

Powers Edit

Shapeshifting-the chaos king can turn into a woman,a huge black man,a god,and a face(the face being his true form).

Power stealing-the chaos king can absorb and take powers of his defeated enemies.

Dimension absorbing-an extension of his power stealing powers was the ability to absorb entire dimensions.

Planet absorbing-the chaos king can absorb planets through his hands.

Regeneration-nuff said.

Illusions-the chaos king can create illusions to distract his enemies.

Evolution-the chaos king was once a part of an even stronger being of chaos,Oblivion.

Durability-it’s hard to land a punch that actually hurts the chaos king.

Universe destroying-destroyed and devoured 98.76% of the universe,nuff said.

Nothingness-the chaos king once lived in a dimension of total nothingness.

Space survivor-can survive the vacuum of space and maybe even black holes.

Teleporting/Teleportation-if you watch “Dragon Ball Z“ then you should know what teleporting is.

Corruption-the chaos king can corrupt minds.

God killer-killed Zeus and other godfather ranked gods with relative ease,it also killed another god of chaos,Nightmare.

Weakness Edit

the chaos kings ONLY weakness is light and creation,since it is a being of darkness and destruction.