Chaosomnitover Edit

Chaosomnitover is a ultra demon of the chaos dimension he is incharge of shadow reds army of ghastly spirits of the whole world he can warp reality into his own being and stands no chance of ever being killed by any villain

Personality Edit

  1. he is careless and reckless and does not care enough to rule the entire multiverse unfortunately With shadow red there he cant tell who is the true being of chaos he was the ultimate rival of shadow red and will do anything in his power to destroy him but in his orignal demon form he is currently unbeatable this demon hates and will be a reckless and careless demon.

Powers/Abilites Edit

Omnipotence - He has *Unlimited* Power

pyrokinesis - he controls fire with his mind

Reality Warping - he can warp reality

lasers - he has super strong lasers

Weaknesses Edit

  • He is avaible to get killed by shadow red, sunlion, and spirit
  • he has a 50% chance of dying from ultra sound proof magic

Trivia Edit

  • he can kill villans with less infinity
  • he destroys chaotic beings
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