The Chaosverse is the place that everything and everyone is in the Chaos wiki,it is a universe where a scientist summoned all the heroes and villains from the multiverse,they all teamed up and defeated the heroes,with the heroes out of the way,the villains ruled the world,some heroes were killed and some stay in hiding to figure out a plan to defeat the villains.

Villains Edit

Shadow Red-Boss



Bill cipher-fourth-in-command

Millenniummon and all its forms-fifth-in-command



Unicron-enforcer and general

Chaos king-top spy

Frieza-planner and planet destroyer

Discord-universe expert

Garvey-true leader and tutor of Marx


Neutral Edit

The Omniscronchulon-the supreme overlord of the chaosverse

shadow red- creator of the chaosverse.


Heroes Edit

Optimus prime-leader of the rebellion

Bumblebee-killed by Unicron to save Optimus

Dipper Pines-killed by Bill Cipher then got killed by shadow red

Mabel Pines-optimistic


Mario-killed by Marx and body was taken by Garvey

Luigi-traumatized by Mario’s death

Goku-put into a coma by Frieza,Unicron,and Marx

Vegeta-killed by Frieza and Marx

Piccolo-killed by Garvey

Gohan-almost killed by Marx and was captured by Garvey

Red(Angry Bird)- Killed by shadow red.


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