Demon Sqeegee is the spirit of Sqeegee who met his end in “the rise of Sqeegee 6”.

History Edit

after “the rise of Sqeegee 6” the king decides to fart on Sqeegees ashes,the ashes become green but then light on fire,the ashes turn red and form into Demon Sqeegee,he gives off a dark and creepy laughter before resuming his rampage through Bikini Bottom.

Powers Edit

Spirit-because Demon Sqeegee is a spirit he can’t die.

Possesing-Sqeegee has lost the Sqeegee stare ability but it has been replaced by a stare that allows him too posses people.

Energy swords-uses a sword of energy to impale opponents(most like Weegee and Weegee clones).

”obey Sqeegee”-this allows him to hypnotize people into joining his side.

Energy blast-fires an energy ball at high speeds.

See through-turns kinda invisible and attacks go through him.

Clones-creates clones of himself.