Dr. COOL Jasper is a extremely powerful demon of immense power that possibly rivals Shadow Red, he owns ICE powers that are stronger than any being in existence and non-existence.

Personality Edit

Dr. COOL Jasper usually hibernates in the Dimension of Picardia, however if anyone dares mention the forbidden phrase "ICE", he will enter a berserk state and seek out whoever said the phrase, travelling through space and time, once that person is found he will trap them in ice, he will them return to the Dimension of Picardia and returns to hibernation until someone uttere ICE again.

Summary Edit

Shadow Red heard of a extremely powerful being that traps people of ice, he decided to try out this legend by saying ICE, once he said it Dr. COOL Jasper appears and traps Shadow Red in ice before calling him a dummy and disappearing, ever since then Shadow Red has attempted to never say ICE again.

Powers Edit

Immortality-cannot die of age or diseases.

Omniscience-is aware of everything in existence and can tell if they say ICE.

Flight-can fly.

Space-Time Distortion-travels and distorts Space and Time.

Dimension traveling-can travel through diensions.

ICE-can trap anyone in a Ice Cuboid, can also fill an entire dimension with Ice Cuboids.

Weakness Edit

He is greatly weakened when near any source of heat and cannot ICE someone when near heat, he is also incapable of ICEING someone if he is near his arch-nemesis and brother Prof. WARM Casper.

Trivia Edit

  • The reason Dr. COOL Jasper enters a berserk state when someone says ICE is unknown