Dream Eater
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Dream Eater


Dream Eater Is A Dream Demon That Was Originally Created by Shadow Red Used to haunt garvey,bill cipher and other beings. He is a demon


Dream Eater has an evil, and twis twisted attitude though he really cares about shadow red and is known to be the younger sibling of Spirit He was created to manipulate dreams and Nightmares he can manipulate the minds of any body he enters when he reaches his god form he can escape to the real world and infest the whole multiverse so he is actually obedient to shadow red and his older brother spirit.


This spirit has none weakness besides shadow red and no one even garvery can kill him.

Omnipotence - Dream Eater Is Omnipotent

Dream Manipulation - He can enter peoples dreams And warp it into a Nightmare

Flight - He can fly 

Possession - He can Possess People.

Intangibility - He can phase through objects.

Invisibility - He can become invisible.

Nightmare Inducement - He can make nightmares grow even more.

Laser Manipulation - He can Manipulate Lasers and blast them through the chest

Mind Walking - he can walk through minds.

God FormEdit

This is his added powers.

​​​​Pyrokinesis - He can control the fire on his hand.

Electrokinesis - He can control electricity and thunder.

Cloning -  he can clone himself.

Size Shifting- He can grow big 

Reality Warping - He can warp reality to his own will.


• He is 7 Years old

Spirit Is Dream Eaters  older brother.

• He can kill garvery and no one is stronger than hi m no one

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