Frieza is the galactic overlord of Universe 7 and an evil tyrant that destroys planets for his own amusement,he is an acroscian alien who is part of the Frost Demon family.

Personality Edit

he is highly confident,he also shows no remorse for anyone(including his most trusted comrades),he is power hungry,sadistic,shows pleasure in destruction,suffering and pain,he relishes killing(to the point where he asked if he could kill their opponents in the tournament of power),he is extremely revengeful,although he is an evil tyrant he does show some remorse although a little,he saved Goku from falling out,gave Goku some of his energy,and even helps Goku defeat Jiren.

Powers Edit

Death beam-a tiny beam that pierces opponents(mostly their stomach and chest).

Death ball-an energy ball that is thrown to either damage buildings or huts or damage opponents.

Supernova-an upgraded version of ”Death ball”,it grows from a tiny speck to a massive ball,it is primarily used to destroy planets,pushing right into the planets core.

Transformation-although he is strong this form is only surppresing his true power,to upgrade to his 2nd form(which still isnt his true form).

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