This is Friezas final aka true form(it was the form he was born in)and is his 2nd strongest form.

Powers Edit

Death beam-look at Frieza(1st form),is a concentrated beam to spear opponents.

  • Weak beam-a weaker but more concentrated death beam.
  • Strong beam-a stronger and more powerful but less concentrated death beam.
  • Seeking beams-death beams that after piercing a target seek new targets to pierce.

Death ball-a ball used to torture people or destroy villages and sometimes even planets.

  • Golden Death ball-a stronger variant that even Goku had problems defelcting.

Death cannon-a type of last resort.


Death saucer-a spinning red and pink blade he can control unless he breaks eye contact with the Death saucer.

Supernova-a upgraded Death ball capable of destroying entire planets.

Super strength-look at Frieza(2nd form),strong enough to raise Gohan an inflict pain on him by just squeezing his hair.

Super speed-looks at Frieza(3rd form),travels faster than the speed of light.

Regeneration-can regenerate almost instantly.

Weakness Edit


Although Frieza is strong and controls an entire army he has a few weaknesses,#1,he fears super Saiyans that are capable of defeating him even in his final form,#2,his confidence usually leads to his downfall,#3,his very wish for revenge against Goku is the reason he died and went too hell,#4,if tricked his own Death saucer can slice him in half.

Frieza(1% power) Edit


this is Frieza when using only 1% of his full power,in this form he is even with Goku but is still able to dodge or deflect Gokus blast.

Frieza(50% power) Edit

also know as Frieza(half power) is Frieza using half of his full power,it looks the exact same as when he used 1% of his power,the only difference is his dramatic power growth,now easily surpassing Goku on almost every level,when Frieza is using half of his power only super saiyan can outclass him.

Frieza(70% power) Edit

He has a similar to Frieza at full power but not as bulky,he is of course more powerful than when he is using 1% or 50% of his power,however he does not fight Goku at this power level and continues to raise it until he is at his full power.

Frieza(100% power) Edit


Also known as Frieza(full power) is when Frieza is at his strongest and gains a more bulky appearance just by the sheer amount of power he has,this form is so powerful it even outclasses super saiyan,the only disadvantage tho is it has a weaker time that super saiyan so if Frieza is in the form for too long he will be forced to return to 50% which both led to his downfall and his death by Goku.

Angel form Edit


this is the form Frieza takes after he is killed,he looks the exact same as he died except with the exeption of the halo above his head.

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