Garvey is originally the main antagonist of Dormitabis, He is the main antagonist of the 1st season of the Chaos Wiki, he is a hybrid of an animatronic and a human corpse but 1 of his hands replaced by a foot and 1 of his feet replaced by his hand,he is the strongest animatronic in the entire game as he disassembled every animatronic you faced.

Personality Edit

Garvey is a psychotic murderer who is thought to be heartless as he kills his brother and killed many children with little regret and barely cares that the player is his other brother and still attempts to choke you,is stated to have “stopped being human long, long ago”.

Powers Edit

Immense strength-easily lifts up a man and disassembled all the animatronics you faced who were all spirits and should be non-corporeal.

Erasing-can erase the spirit of something including non-corporeal beings.

Non-corporeal-is immune to any physical attack.

Wall climbing-can climb on walls and ceilings.

Weakness Edit

  1. Can lose his patience and composure quickly.
  2. His insanity is higher than Marx’s so he does some wrong decisions.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the true leader of the villains but keeps it a secret from everybody except for Marx.
  • He is the most insane villain,the 2nd being Marx.
  • He has secretly tortured many people on the heroes side and has gained knowledge about their plans.
  • He could destroy the Chaosverse if he wanted to but thinks that’s too boring and prefers to torture and kill people instead.
  • He is smarter than Marx by 10%.
  • He doesn’t like Shadow Red.
  • after Shadow Red killed Marx Garvey brought him back to life.

Gallery Edit

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