the ghost of memes is a ghost who haunts the memes wiki but he is not evil he flys over the memes wiki and can take possesion of any meme to make it better he is easily strong enough to possess Martin, God of the Universe, He wont possess anyone unless he is evil again, if memes or being refuse to accept him as protecter of the sureal memes wiki he will and CAN possess anyone in his Mindscape Form.

personality Edit

he is a good hearted ghost with a upbeat personality he may not be neutral but he can take joy and make it better he was formely chaotic when he was alive but he found his place as a Paranormal amgry bird like kid.

powers Edit

Flight- he can fly and levitate through the mindscape and reality

Possesion- He can take the possesion of any being no matter the strength and infinity

Ectoplasm- He made of ectoplasm and can rub it on people to slime them

Overshadowing- he can over shadow beings

Immunity to mirriors- if he gets stuck in a mirrior he can maginbly escape

Mindscape Manipulaation- he travels trough the mindscape to haunt to heck out of people

Body Manipulation- he can manipulate his own body and i helps him to scare people away

Intangibility- he can phase trough anything even mirriors

Invisibility- he can become invisible and he is invisible in the mind scape.

trivia Edit

  • he can only escape mirriors not ghost like wepons that can capture them
  • he is 11 years old so he was to young to die
  • thanks to most people there is a 67% chance he might become evil and will only inhabit bodies and objects for chaos and ruin