Goddeswapette is a omnipotent and omega being of pure infinity and the creator of the chaos wiki she is pure energy and she married a being named The Omniscronchulon which she is more powerful than him 


Goddeswapette has a sexy, flirty, clingy personality and she cares less about other villans in this wiki she can bassically kill anyone but just like the omniscrinchulon she cant beat her powerful omnipotent son shadow red she is care free and takes the joy in destroying plannets and diemensions she was always strict about shadow reds infinity and gets worried that shadow red may enjoy being mighty and powerful

Family Edit

Shadow Red-son

The Omniscronchulon -husband

Powers Edit

Omnipotence - she has *unlimited* power so he can do anything.

Omniscience - she knows lots of things

Immortality - She is importal.

Telekinesis - she can move objects with his mind.

Levitation -  she can fly with his mind.

Illusion - she has MIND MANIPULATION!

​​​​​​Telepathy - she can talk to people in minds

Oreiokinesis -  she can controls air molecules.

Pyrokinesis - she can control fire and manipulate it.

umbrankinesis - she can manipulate the darkness

photokinesis - she can control the light.

essokinesis - she manipulates the bodies of brains.

atomkinesis - she can Manipulate the atmosphere.

Electrokinesis - she can Manipulate electricity.

Lasers - ​​​​​​Her Lasers are Powerful enough to destroy an entire Content.  

regeneration - she can heal himself and regenerate.

Space Manipulation - she can control space time matter and create blackholes portals and vortex.

Erasing - she can erase anything in existence

Soul Removal - she can remove souls.

Size Alteration - she can be the same size as the universe.

Nightmare Inducement - she can Manipulate dreams and nightmares and induce them.

Mind Walking - she can enter minds telepathically.

Invisibility - she can become invisible.

Possession - she can possess minds of any being and possess more than 1 body and object at once.

Trivia Edit

  • Just beacuse she has almost of shadow reds powers and shadow red inherited them from her mother dosent mean she is powerful than shadow red
  • Her Powers were given by the Multiverse and as the creator of the chaos herself it is impossible for her to be defeated by any being
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