This is Friezas strongest form and is a secret evolution of his species(him being the first to unlock it),this forms power is so great that it would take both super saiyan blue Goku and Vegeta to defeat him.

Powers Edit

all powers that Frieza(final form) has-look at the page!

Emperor’s beam-an upgraded version of Death beam.

Gattling beam-fires a Death beam in rapid succession.

Teleportation/instant transmission-warps himself into a desired place at will.

Weakness Edit

some of his weaknessses have been removed,he no longer fears super saiyans,can no longer be tricked so easily,and that his power has grown so much that his durability can withstand a super saiyan,however like Frieza(final form) his over confidence led to his downfall once again.

Angel form Edit


similar to Frieza angel form,expert of course his golden appearance,purple skin,and the halo on top of his head.

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