The Illuminati is a triangle demon of immense army across the multiverse and is a god,many people have wondered who is stronger,the Illuminati or Bill cipher,the stronger one was of course the Illuminati though Shadow Red can just kill him in 1 Snap.

Powers Edit

Infinity-everything from his age too his power is infinite.

Power stealing-can take powers and use it in his quest for world domination.

Demons-has an army of demons all around the multiverse.

Puppet strings-can play anyone in the multiverse like a puppet.

Reality warping-can warp reality,existence,and the multiverse.

The all seeing eye of providence-watches your every move,he knows your weakness,he knows your strength.

???-the Illuminati has many unknown powers.

Forms Edit

tells you the Illuminati's forms.

Sealed Edit

Illuminati sealed

is seen at the back of a 1 dollar bill.

is the Illuminati's weakest form,is stuck too a pyramid without a top.

Unsealed Edit

Illuminati unsealed

is when the Illuminati is freed from the pyramid and looks exactly the same as his sealed form but without the pyramid.

True Edit

is still a triangle but constantly warps from a human eye to a reptile eye and multiple other eyes.