Balloon Boy is the god of swag and the total omnipotent god of everything, he makes Dream Eater, Garvey, and Shadow Red look like jokes and controls every single omniverse, he created the Chaosverse for his amusement and created everyone on this wiki to please him, he is aware that he is a fictional character and has broken out of his fictional world as he is currently laughing at you from the heavens, he has taken this mortal form to give random stuff to both the heroes and villains in the chaosverse.

Powers Edit

Omnipotence-also known as "unlimited power", he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

Time Manipulation-can warp time and can go backwards and forwards in time.

Space Manipulation-can warp space and create dimensions and make black holes and summon portals and worm holes.

Space-Time Manipulation-can warp space-time.

Swag Manipulation-can manipulate the swag in people, if he puts up a persons swag to 100 then they will be able to fight on par with Shadow Red

Creation-can create weak or OP items for the 2 teams.

Erasing-can erase everything in existence and reality.

Ability Stealing-can steal ability’s from everyone in existence.

Teleportation-can warp himself into another location, dimension, or time period.

Mind Erasure-can erase the memories of everything in existence and can even erase Stanford Pines’ memories.

Mind Control-can take control of the minds of everyone in existence.

Weakness Manipulation-can remove or add weaknesses to everything and everyone that exists and don’t exist (is the 1 who added Bill’s 2nd weakness of being erased by erasing the mind).

Chaos Manipulation-can create chaos and give beings the power to create chaos aswell.

FANDOM/Wikia Manipulation-all wikis came into existence when he wanted them and all wikis shall end when he demands it.

4th Wall Awarness-knows that he is in a fictional universe however he is no longer bound to it.

Trivia Edit

  • Balloon Boy’s favorite person in the chaosverse is Garvey
  • If Balloon Boy gives Garvey 100 swag then he will become MLG Springtrap.
  • People in the chaosverse call Balloon Boy a worthless child however Garvey, Shadow Red, and Dream Eater are aware of Balloon Boy’s true power and secretly fear him.
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