Marx is a jester that wants to take over popstar and manipulated Kirby to gain his wish,he is so strong that he can fight on par with Kirby,a hero who defeated Nightmare while even Meta Knight couldn’t,even with these powers he was defeated by Kirby in the end but even still he survived and kept his power,he is currently the leader of the villains as he killed Mario and with the help of Shadow Red and Frieza,put Goku into a coma,and also killed Vegeta with the help of Frieza.

Personality Edit

Marx is manipulative,cunning,smart,and confident,however he became cocky when he gained his powers and this led to his downfall to Kirby.

Powers Edit

Wish Edit

Lasers-can summon lasers from his mouth.

Plant manipulation-can make seeds from his wings and drop them on the ground,they will turn into vines shortly after.

Light manipulation-can use light to make arrows that go extremely fast.

Flight-can fly.

Teleportation-can disappear and reappear somewhere else at will.

Matter manipulation-can create a bomb that when explodes throws 2 ice blasts to the left and right that can freeze anyone that gets in its way.

Body manipulation-can split himself in half.

Black hole manipulation-when he splits himself inhalf there is a black hole in there that will suck up everything.

Electricity manipulation-in the black hole the person that was sucked up will be penetrated by tons of lightning bolts and will be spitted out onto the ground.

Marx soul Edit

Everything I said earlier but enhanced

Paint manipulation-will split himself inhalf and turn into paint that will go everywhere that will reform into Marx shortly after.

Energy manipulation-splits himself in half and turns into energy,1 red and the other blue,will fire after a target and will reform into Marx shortly after.

Weakness Edit

  1. Is extremely cocky.
  2. Powerful beings like Kirby,Shadow Red,Bill cipher,the Illuminati,and Garvey can hurt him.
  3. Depends on his newfound powers to save him.
  4. Hasnt trained with his powers and goes in a pattern.
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