Millenniummon is a virus digimon and a being so powerful that his very existence alone can cause the entire digital world to warp,he is the main antagonist of a couple of games and made a brief cameo in digimon adventure 02.

History Edit

for reasons unknown a Machinedramon fused with the data of a Kimeramon,the results were devestating,creating Millenniummon,he alone warped the digital world and turned the digidestined into stone,he also revived if not all the villains the digidestined have ever fought,he even boasts about having the power to destroy every universe(it is unknown if he was bluffing or not).

Powers Edit


Cannon Fire-shots electric blasts out of his cannons.

Energy blast-does Cannon Fire and then runs into the opponent.

Time unlimited-creates an alternate dimension and traps anyone he desires into it for all of eternity.

  • Time destroyer-after using Time unlimited he destroys the universe he created,also destroying the person in it.

Time warp-sends target to the future,present,or past.

Darkness zone-creates two black orbs in his hands that erase any thing from existence.

Grand death big bang-explodes self with enough force to destroy the universe,is a last resort “I’m taking you with me” cliche.


Death evolution-he traps an enemy into a tentacle and de-evolves it(like turning a human back into an ape).

Panic wisp-magic that confuses the opponent.

Touch of evil-brainwashes an opponent.

Texture blow-nullifys ability’s.

Destruction-has a chance of instantly killing an opponent.

Clown trick-see what it does below.

  • Throws tablecloth,if opponent is covered than they will become a key chain.
  • Summons a ring of fire.
  • Creates a large ball to trip its enemy.
  • Disguise.
  • Reflect an attack back at the person who threw it.

Soul chopper-summons a scythe and swings it at the enemy,if it hits the enemy’s soul will be annihilated.

Father time-uses dark magic to kill an opponent with a word of death.

Hell’s hand-grabs the enemy and pulls them all the way too hell.

Death charm-casts a spell that slowly saps the opponents life away.

Nightmare wave-emits a dark wave that drives targets mad(insanity).

Poison breath-blows poisonous smoke.

Power null-nullifies the opponents special ability’s.

Chrono breaker-wears away it’s enemies body by stopping or erasing time.

Weakness Edit

Ryo is his weakness,being around Ryo weakens him since Ryo was Millenniummons destined partner.

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