most powerful chaotic beings EVER!!!Edit

This shows the most powerful most insane most alpowerful gods that can destroy the entire universe.

1.Shadow Red -Supremely Powerful than all things that exist and don’t exist

2.  - Supremely Powerful than all things that exist

3. Garvey - Infiniti strong

4. Dream Eater - Nigh-Infiniti strong

'5. Illuminati- kinda infinity strong' 

'6. Marx'- medium strong

7.bill cipher- half strong

8. Twilight Sparkle- half strong

9. Unicron-kinda strong but useful

10. Balloon Boy-Weakest in villan level

every villan here can be described the villan in the 1rst list can kill all the rest below.

Strong traitsEdit

1rst one in the list is the true definition of pure infinity and can destroy the multiverse 

2nd to 4rth is half infinity god and is likely available to live permanently.

5th to 7th they are so godly but they can get destroyed.

8th one is the weakest villan that they can die easily.