Oblivion is a skyfather ranked god,he is the god of the void and nothingness,he‘s also the embodiment of Non-Existence,he’s also believed to be the TRUE god of chaos since he gave birth to/created the Chaos king.


Personality Edit

Oblivion’s personality is hard to see but he is thought to to have a similar personality to the Chaos king.

Powers Edit

Immortality-Oblivion cannot be killed through normal means,he IS a god after all.

Non-corporeal-the truth is Oblivons’s true form is not know.

Regenration-nuff said.

Reality-warping-he can change the surroundings to HIS likings.

Time control-he existed before the multiverse existed and he waits for it to be destroyed.

Soul manipulation-he can control souls to his liking.

Life and Death-he appears before you go to hell or heaven(which means he appears when you die).

Heaven and Hell-he has some control over heaven and hell,but as long as the devil and god keep an eye out,he probably won’t get full control for a while.

Matter manipulation-can control atoms to form things he disires.

The void-didn’t I just say earlier he was the god of the void?

Teleportation-watch Dragon Ball Z!!!

Flight-it’s a bird,it’s a plane,it’s a weird black guy with a red hood.

Mind control-do you even watch marvel?

Phsycic-can move things with his mind,nuff said.

Illusions-the very form he has is an illusion(including his throne).

All powers the Chaos king has that didn’t appear on this list-the Chaos king was created by him.

Weakness Edit

He has NO weaknesses,you can only evade until he gets tired,cant project his fake form anymore,or gets bored and flys/teleports away. Even though Shadow Red Can just create a weakness for HIM!!

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