Omnipotent Sqeegee is a god-like being who appears in “The rise of Sqeegee 8”.


Personality Edit

Sqeegee has the same personality as normal Sqeegee,which means hes very easy to make mad,revengful,rageful,destructive,power-hungry,blood thirsty,and maniacal.

Powers Edit

Dark Blade-can summon saws made of dark energy.

Energy ball-can summon more than one and can fuse them together to make them powerful enough to defeat another god of chaos,Dark Angel Weegee.

Universe manipulation-can manipulate the universe to his liking.

Flight-can fly to extordinary speeds.

Immortality-he can’t die my normal means.

Refelction-he can reflect any attacks back at the opponent who threw it.

Energy swords-can summon swords from his hands to attack opponents.

Teleportation-go watch Dragon Ball Z already.

Clones-can create clones of himself.

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