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Spirit Old Look


spirit is the god of the dead and the strongest and the most important leader of the ghost,Zombies, And Demons of the master Of The Multiverse Shadow Red He is Red and Spirited.


spirit is a smart, loving but cruel and he is a bit of an idiot and does muliple things without having to think or worry and he goes around doing stuff and if it means tormenting himself or harming himself even though he is a wise god like being he will just kill anyone even if shadow red tells him not to.


Spirit is not just an average ghost he is a Dream Ghost And his abilities are the same with 

​​​​​​Nigh-Omnipotence- spirit is not that omnipotent but he can only warp reality.

Intangibillity- He can phase through objects and anything.

Dream Manipulation- He can enter minds and possess people through dreams and body.

Body Manipulation- He can  Take over bodies 

Fire Blast- He can shoot Ultra Powerful fire balls that can destroy a god or a city.

 Godly Mind Copying- Just like the ghost zombies and demons he can be  superpowered by shadow red.

Ectoplasm - he can shoot Ectoplasm

levitation - he can lift objects

Invisibility - he can become invisible

Flight - he can fly Duh.

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Spirit New Version


• He is actually 200 Years Old he just acts like a teenager.

• He can kill bill cipher , Marx and the Illuminati

• The ghost of doom are 4 years old same with the demons and zombies.

• He was Originally made of Fire.

Garvey is scared or him.

• He has a younger Brother named Dream Eater.