Sqeegee is a Weegee clone of Squidward Tentacles not unlike other clones hates Weegee and has tried too kill him multiple times,he might not be powerful but he can fuse or absorb people too become stronger,his strongest form is Omnipotent Sqeegee.

History Edit

Weegee and Meegee decided to visit Squidward,Squidward decided to scream while Weegee tried to give him the Weegee Virus,it failed because of Squidward screaming and accidentally became Sqeegee,his first victim being Meegee,using his stare,Weegee runs and Sqeegee gives off his dark laughter before the events of “the rise of Sqeegee 1” and all its installments.

Powers Edit

Sqeegee stare-his most common ability,stares at an opponent and transports them too a swirling vortex,if successfu they will explode(its a one shot kill),if unsuccessful the target will escape and can attack Sqeegee.

Punch/headbut/kick-punches an opponent,hits in the head,kicks.

Energy ball-summons an energy ball.

Rocks-summons or picks up a rock too throw at an enemy.

Bubble clones-creates a bubble clone that summons 2 more bubble clones that attack the target.

Extendable arms-extends arm.

Spikey shield-summone energy around him too throw off an enemy that is on top of Sqeegee.

Revival-revived his two forms Dark Sqeegee and Super Sqeegee.

Shurikin-summons a shurikin too throw at an opponent.

Fusing-fuses with himself too become stronger.

Absorbtion-absorbs enemy’s become stronger.

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