SquidWordier is the most powerful form of Sqeegee and Squidward,he is even more powerful than Omnipotent Sqeegee.

History Edit

after defeating Dark Angel Weegee,omnipotent Sqeegee decided to absorb him,after Laneegee,spongebob,and falcon find him he is shrouded in darkness,he says “”retard”? How original””you fools could never grasp my power””nor could you fathom the suffering I had to go through to get here””but now...”the entire screen flashes,revealing himself”your are all going to die”.

Powers Edit

Universe manipulation-similar to Omnipotent Sqeegees except it has a greater affect,being able to shape the entire world while Omnipotent Sqeegee could only turn it into a dimensional rainbow.

Rainbow lightning-can summon lightning out of nowhere.

Claranet throw/summon-he really is still Squidward inside.

Phsycic-can lift humans to throw them against the floor.

Reflection-if you throw an attack at him he will just throw it back with even more force you put into it.

Creation-though he didn’t use it against Laneegee and his friends,replicas of Squidwards house are placed randomly around the place.

Immotality-he cant be killed through normal means.

Weakness Edit

his only weakness is if someone is able to kill Sqeegee inside of SquidWordier,doing so will remove his immortality.