Star Krytigana is a demon who can attract people in their minds and possibly in reality she can also kill the host in dreams that can kill it in reality she has more than 1 diffrent type of forms she has demons that serve her, called the Seductive Louds who help her to domimate the mind if the host how ever dosent help her she can possess the host so that she can exist in reality, She lives in your dream area and calls it the Cipher Realm, Being available to possess or attract the host can have extreme consaquenses to the multiverse.

personality Edit

Star has an average personality of a 17 year old but she is ONLY 16 so she is sexually active, she is manipulative, Evil, Demonic, Creepy, Chaotic, Joyable and Extremely happy when she KILLS someone, Being the popular one she has a wide chance of reaching into 12000,000,000 men to help her possibly attractijg people with her voice.

Powers Edit

Nigh Omnipotence- She has near supreme power of the omniverse, and can do when ever she wants but only when sue escapes the Dreamworld!

Pyrokinesis - She Can control fire with her mind and hands and manipulate in order to create thijgs out of fire!

Possesion - in order for her to possess the host sue has to shake their shand and she can inhabit beings with possesing anyone with handshakes.

Umbrakinesis - She has evil powers allowing her the be the Queen of Dark Magic

Oneirokinesis- She exist in the mindscape so she can enter minds and manipulate dreams and give people nightmates

Lasers- She can shoot various powerful lasers strong enough to kill a lion

Seduction - She can seduct boys that are younger than her or 1 year older than her

Mind Control- Seduction leads to possesion, she can turn men evil too

Trivia Edit

They were killed





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