Godly Form


Sunlion is an immense lion ​​​​​​of the sun and the god of the sun and all fire and thunder he has the ability to walk on the sun and roam he can kill any powerful god like being ( Besides Shadow Red )He is a 7 year old lion made of the suns fire


Sunlion Is a Brave, Strict, Bold, Happy, playful, but over protective God of the Sun he can destroy the entire solar system with his vast powerful abilities he uses his powers for good its just that Sunlion can be chaotic if he is ANGRY that is why he is immense if the sun can destroy the earth so can he. He fought Red and challenged him he is not a villan but he is a supremely talented Anti -Villainous lion.


This lion is like a firey Demon/Ghost he can wipe out entire dimensions with jis immense strength.

Omnipotence - Sunlion is supremely Omnipotent to all beings.

Pyrokinesis - He has fire powers and he can control the sun and fire

Electrokinesis - he can control lighting with his Mind.

Super Sonic Roar - His super sonic roar is used to Scare people and destroy contents.

Firey God form- He grows fire When he is feeling really godly.

Immortality - He is immortal.

Intangible - His firey body makes him intangible because when he walks through stuff it burns up.

​​​​​​Immunity to water- For a fire god he is immune to water, ice, and Wind.

Supreme Fire Blast- used to burn up omnipotent and god like beings

De-Fire proofing -He can take anyone's immunity to Fire.

Immunity to sun- Sunlion SUN lion 

Flight -  He can fly

Ultraviolet Rays -  he can shoot Ultraviolet Rays.


• He was killed by Shadow Red .

• He Is in the wiki because he can get  chaoticly evil.

• He can destroy the Illuminati.

• He was Originally Created by God.

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