Super Sqeegee is a more powerful form of Sqeegee,he is Sqeegees first form that appeared in “the rise of Sqeegee 3”,he was able too scared Weegee who was able too kill him in one punch.

Histroy Edit

after almost losing again to Weegee,Sqeegee decided to upgrade himself into Super Sqeegee,he scared off Weegee and continued on his rampage,he is once again killed by Weegees “Weegee Punch”.

Powers Edit

Increased stats-his power and health have increased.

Sky manipulation-turned the entire sky dark blue.

Energy ball-throws a red energy ball,can be thrown at the same time in both hands.

  • Super energy ball-Super Sqeegees version of the energy ball,is massive and is a last resort.