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The One Above All

The Flame is the most Powerful most omnipotent and most PURE object in the universe created by Shadow Red and gains every Ability in the entire Omniverse that exist and dosent exist it was originally used to bring Shadow Red to his supreme and true form it was later stolen when began to exist and hannah recreated it into a object of light and purity. She is not the only god with flame ability, there are 92 gods from the flame the strongest flame user is super girl the flame held a lot of infinity it could create demons too.

Most Strongest AbilitiesEdit

All Supreme - Ability to use every Ability that exist in the Omniverse.

Omniversal Manipulation - It can allow the user to control and or bring down the Omniverse.

Omniversal Intelligence - It gives you the ability to gain supreme knowledge across the Omniverse.

Non Corporeal- Becoming non corporal means you cant get hurt from physical attacks if you do you feel a thing.

Godhood - Becoming All supreme means your whole entire life you are immortal and cannot die from anything you can age forever and ever


  • The Flame is the Supreme Item used for Omniversal Dominice
  • The flame is actually Shadow Red s body, shadow red was born without the flame, he was born astral and hes been trying to get the flame back ever since, but people keep using it for there own supreme power
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