Vath King of the Dark Elves

Vath was the ruthless King of the Drows that lived in the Dwarfhold Mountains who foolishly became consumed by Chaos. A Drow named Roroth went against Vath's rule and lost half his right arm and gained a scar across his face in the process where he pretended to give into Vath until he gained the opportunity to escape with the younger Drow.

Vath became a Drow Dragonlord who uses the Dragon Control Amulet and the Sword of Dragon Control to control the dragon Stalagbite. He used this power to invade Dwarfhold and enslaved it's dwarves with his army of Drow Assassins, Drow Soldiers, and Chaotic Draconians. He is served by Warden Elfis and D'wain Jonsen.

When the hero attempts to sneak attack Vath, they fall right into his trap, where the Drow named Jorxlol has brought Snowbeard who tipped Vath off. When the hero ends up imprisoned, Jorxlol tells them that he was pretending to be loyal to Vath in order to get the hero's stuff. After helping the dwarves escape (where it turned out that Snowbeard pretended to betray the hero), the hero returns to Vath's lair and finds a secret passage where Vath is using the Chaos Gemeralds to hatch the Rock Roc. The hero steals the Dragon Control Amulet without Vath noticing and used it to control Stalagbite to help fight the Rock Roc. After an aerial battle on Stalagbite, the hero is thrown off when Vath uses the Sword of Dragon Control to regain control of Stalagbite and destroys the Rock Roc on the ground and prepares to battle Vath himself.

When the hero confronts Vath, he summons Stalagbite to aid him in battle. After beating Vath and Stalagbite, the hero demand Vath to surrender. When Vath conjures his Dragon Control Amulet, the hero throws the disarmed Sword of Dragon Control at the amulet destroying both of the Dragon Control items. This frees Stalagbite from Vath's control as Stalagbite pins down Vath. Upon stating that he will meet the hero again and will remember their good deeds, Stalagbite carries the kicking-and-screaming Vath away to an unknown fate.