wizpig is a Magical Chef Who devoted his life to the wonders of Magic currently a powerful wizard than any being with a chance of being defeated by wizpigs magic. ​​​​


wizpig appears to be a green pig as chef pig with a french mustache with a brown wand with a star and srew and he is wearing a Wizard hat though in his demon god form he is red and his hat is dark red.


wizpig is a angry issued man with a polite, inpatient but sarcastic tricky behavior and spends most of his time blasting pigs and hunting for other porks also he can easily get angry but will calm down when needed.


Storm Manipulation - He can create and/or summon storm clouds

Strength Up -

Ubramkinesis -

Flight -

Summoning -

Shielding -

Durability -

Summoning -

Draining Healing -

​​​​​​​Demonic FormEdit

Omnipotence -

​​​​​​Heavy Black Magic -

Soul Devouring -

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